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Greg and Family, Las Vegas, NV Receiving National Trooper Of the year Award.


I am running for Sheriff in Randolph County. I have 30 years experience in law-enforcement. I will actively work in the community and continue to help with Operation Red Sleigh which I created in 1999 for Randolph County. I will encourage my staff and members to become actively involved in community events. I plan to organize cookouts throughout the county so that the community can get acquainted with the members of the sheriffs office. By doing this will build trust within the community for the sheriffs office and its members. I will have an open door policy for anyone who has a problem or just wants to talk. The Randolph County Sheriffs Office will be there for all citizens of this county.



Efficiency among Divisions of Department


The staffing of patrol deputies and investigations personnel is an absolute priority. I would add officers to improve the response times. I would cross train many officers within the department to work in other areas to cut down on cost. I would discontinue special units that are not producing results that are expected. All personnel will be placed in divisions where they are best suited to serve the people of this county. I will seek advice from senior officers within the department for ideas that would facilitate progress within the department. My staff will review each area or division of the office for efficiency. I plan to support the drug Interdiction team which will disrupt the drug trafficking in our county. By doing this will save the tax payers of this county money. It will also take illegal drugs out of the direct pathway of our younger generation. We will use the money seized to buy necessary equipment for the Sheriffs Office. 



Sheriffs Advisory Board

I would talk to each mayor or his or her commission to establish a citizen’s advisory board to discuss issues concerning the sheriffs office. I would meet with citizens from all areas of the county to discuss issues with the Sheriffs office. The smallest entity in this county will be just as vocal as the largest.


Community Respect

I will actively serve everyone in this county regardless of address, economic status, political preference, religious practice, race or ethnic origin. Every citizen in this county will be treated with respect. I will not tolerate laziness or dereliction of duty. I can promise you that no member of this department or myself will cut corners in order to complete an investigation or assignment. I have always strived for perfection in what ever I do and I will not expect any less from my members.  I pledge to you that no member or myself will say these 2 phrases," I can’t help you" or "There’s nothing we can do."


Stance on Crime

Randolph County is approximately 805 square miles in size with a population of approximately 150,000 people. We have six counties that join our county. We have many towns and cities in our county. I will consistently communicate with these other entities to be more proactive in law enforcement. I pledge to you that my department will work together with all the other departments to establish a rapport, which will decrease crime in our county. Criminals are becoming smarter each and everyday. We must stay in step with new methods and updated techniques to combat criminal activity. Failing to increase in technology and equipment is a formula for disaster. I will look for modern day solutions on the opiate or heroin problem we face everyday. The drug problem needs to be addressed before other individuals die as a result. This is a growing epidemic that does not discriminate against economic or social status. I will work with the judges and district attorneys to determine a solution to our over crowed jail and other issues that arise.


Employee Development and Training

I will ensure that all deputies are adequately trained on a regular basis. I will provide them with the necessary equipment to enable safety and productivity. I plan to establish a merit based promotional system that members can use to advance their position within the department. There will be no political promotions within the department. Each member that is promoted will be on his or her ability and merit only. Promoting individuals that are not deserving of that position can lead to morale issues and disgruntled employees.


Inmate Rehabilitation

I will search for solutions to reduce recidivism among the jail population. I have talked to other sheriffs in this state in hopes of decreasing this problem. I would attempt to establish a mentor group that will communicate with selected inmates months before release. This group would be there for their support and assist with a smooth transition back into society. I would use this program with the younger population initially. If the results are positive we would then incorporate the program to all inmates. This would alleviate some of the over crowded in our jail. I would like to adopt an inmate work program for those inmates with non-violent convictions. There is no reason why inmates should not work along our highways and other areas of the county. I believe hard work builds self esteem and character.



An elected official who is more concerned with keeping their job, than doing their job should be out of a job.” – Carl Pittman


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